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About Us

We are an internationally acclaimed music production company run by Darryl John Hannan, an award winning music composer based in London. 

We specialise in Music for Film, TV and Commercial Media. We produce breathtaking, bespoke music for clients from our state of the art studio.

Our team boasts over a decade of combined musical training and expert knowledge of cinematic music, orchestration and production. DJH Composer boasts a unique, fresh sound and approach to music composition.

Recently, DJH Composer has become affiliated with the immensely experienced agent John Doyle of Innovation Arts and BOM Media.

Our Filmography and Client list can be seen below:

Motion Picture

  • Isabella (2012)
  • Havelock (2013)
  • Grimsby: RV (2014)
  • Dear Detective (2015)
  • Talk To Me (2015)
  • Twenty Five (2016)
  • Kept Boy (2017)
  • 32 (2017)
  • Clair Obscur (2017)
  • Bankers (2017)
  • Clara’s First Reader (2017)
  • The Messenger (2017)
  • One Small Step (2017)
  • Better Things (2018)
  • Say You Love Me (2018)
  • Brothers In Law (2019)
  • Blood Streets (2019)

Commercial and Branded Media