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A rising talent in the film music industry, Darryl John Hannan has scored a number of features and short films in a variety of genres, all with breathtakingly original music. The bittersweet romantic drama ‘Kept Boy’ boasts the composers ability to portray subtextual emotion; the dynamic score of “Grimsby RV” displays his versatility; the tribal sound of ‘The Messenger’ showcase his eagerness to experiment; to the engaging ‘Talk To Me’ are all examples of the composer’s attention to detail.

As a result of an increasing success, Darryl set up DJH Composer Ltd and is current company director. Spearheading their expansion into the London and Los Angeles film circles has shown Darryl to be a highly sought-after talent

A graduate of the University of Hertfordshire with 1st Class Honours, his musical roots are grounded in progressive rock music and he began writing music in bands at the an early age. Through over a decade of combined musical training, Darryl has since gained expert knowledge of cinematic music, orchestration and production. This juxtaposition of classical and prog-rock influences gives his music it’s distinctive soul.

In addition to Film and TV, Darryl has written music for several commercials for clients such as Chef Online, the University of East Anglia and the exam board, OCR. He has also worked closely with Pixelform Studios and That’s Bellion Film Production.

Darryl is represented by agent John Doyle who has been in the music industry for over 30 years. John’s experience and connections are paving the composer towards a great career.

Darryl’s Filmography and Client list can be seen below:


Motion Picture

  • Isabella (2012)
  • Havelock (2013)
  • Grimsby: RV (2014)
  • Dear Detective (2015)
  • Talk To Me (2015)
  • Twenty Five (2016)
  • Kept Boy (2017)
  • 32 (2017)
  • Clair Obscur (2017)
  • Goblin Head (2017)
  • The Messenger (2017)
  • One Small Step (2017)
  • Bankers (2018)
  • Clara’s First Reader (2018)
  • Better Things (2018)
  • And In A Moment (2018)
  • The Red Room (2018)
  • Megabots: A New World (2018)
  • Say You Love Me (2018)
  • Brothers In Law (2019)
  • Blood Streets (2019)

Commercial and Branded Media